Donald Trump Forgot To Do His Research….


Hola bloggers, now I know I’ve been a tad bit MIA however a Master’s capstone project will do that to you. Nonetheless with the recent Trump fiasco I had to find my way back here. As many of you may or may not know Donald Trump who is trying to “run for President of the United States” publicly made very racist comments against the Latino population. In a recent speech he stated Mexicans are just bringing “rape, crime and drugs,” into this country. As a response Miss Mexico, Miss Ecuador,television network Univision and more stated they wanted nothing do with Trump’s Miss Universe pageant. Trump then sent a letter stating anyone affiliated with Univision is banned from the Trump’s Miami resort, which I’m sure they will do just fine without.  Yesterday major broadcast network NBC also announced they want nothing to do with the foolish Trump, stating they will have no parts with The Apprentice or Miss Universe. Although some may say NBC did this as a political stunt being that they tend to lean more to Democratic views, as a Latina offended by Trump’s comments I commend NBC on taking this action.

After witnessing the wonderful backfire which Trump’s racist remarks caused I just have to sit back and laugh. You see Mr. Trump being that you want to run for president of these very diverse 50 states, I think you should’ve done your research about this nation. In a recent study by the Pew Research Center they announced that the Hispanic population has reached a new high of 55.4 million in 2014. The Latino population in this country is a large number which will continue to grow and has great influence in this country. The Latino vote in this country can make a huge difference and helped elect the president we currently have now. Perhaps Mr.Trump isn’t aware of this. Good luck getting out of this one Trump because no amount of money will be able to dig you out of this hole you dug yourself into.  This time you’re fired.

Que Vivan Los Latinos !

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