Latina Student Sparks Important Conversation Through Apparel


(Images courtesy of Che Gringa Apparel)

A Syracuse University freshmen and proud Latina is bringing impactful statements right to your wardrobe. 19-year-old Victoria Rodriguez recently launched a sassy and socially conscious clothing line called Che Gringa Apparel. Her premiere product takes crop tops to another level. Che Gringa Apparel’s mission goes beyond making a fashion statement. Rodriguez started the line to help put a stop to labeling human beings in this country and encourage others to recognize everyone as an individual ,instead of negatively categorizing them. Her “Illegal” crop top brings to light the term which many Americans have labeled immigrants as. She hopes pieces such as this will spark important conversations which must be discussed in our society. Although many may not hold legal residency in America, this does not give others the right to label them with dehumanizing terms. The Legal crop top can be found on the Che Gringa Apparel Etsy shop for $15.00. Make sure you look out for more of her pieces that will bring more than just a trend to your wardrobe. For more details on her line and ways to spark this conversation visit Che Gringa on Tumblr.

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