Get the Look : Flat Twist Curls



Time to unleash the curls ladies !  This past Tuesday I attended an event (another great internship perk) by Aveda on the launch of their new Be Curly line coming out in June. This of course couldn’t come with better timing, as I am going through a journey of discovering my curl identity. After posting a pic of the end result many of my friends wanted to learn the secrets to this curly-do, so I will be sharing how I got this look, styled by celebrity hairstylist Tippi Shorter. As a new transitioner trying to wear off the years of chemically straightening my hair, I have been left with different curl patterns. So Tippi decided the on the best way to get me an even curl pattern throughout.

Step one: A hairstylist washed my hair with the Be Curly shampoo and the new Be Curly Detangler and Co-Wash, which will be coming out in June.

Step Two: Tippi then applied the Be Curly Style Prep, Aveda Dry Remedy Daily Moisturizing Oil and the Aveda phomollient Styling Foam into my hair, while breaking it into sections for a simple corn-roll style flat twist. She did the flat twist in the direction I would normally part my hair when straight.

(Not sure what a flat twist is ? Simply part your hair take a section and divide it into two strands , then twist around each other, kind of like a braid but much simpler.)

Step Three: After securing the different flat twist sections at the ends with pins, I was put under the hair dryer for 30 minutes to evenly dry out my curls.

Step Four: Tippi released my flat twist and individually separated my curls. She then used a diffuser to make sure my hair was completely dry. She then had me live out every girl’s dream of flipping their hair just like in Herbal Essence commercials to continue to dry and flipped my head back up.

Step Five: Last but not least, for added moisture and shine, Tippi applied the Aveda Dry Remedy Daily Moisturizing Oil through out my hair, which is very lightweight on the hair.

Tips I learned from Tippi

– This flat twist style will last around 3 days. To revive your curls in the morning restyle with any oil for dry hair you have and rewet hair as needed.

– If you’re not a fan of sitting under the drier , you can do the flat twist before you go to bed and let it dry over night.

– If you have an ashy brown hair color, which can most times appear dry, a little oil for dry hair will go a long way.

– Apply all products on your hair with your fingers.

– The less you touch your hair during the drying process the better, it will prevent frizz.

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