“You don’t look Latina”


Before we begin, take a look at the image above. Which one looks Latina? Well to help you out the correct answer is all of them, because they all are.  It’s the age old question, I’ve heard too many times. “What are you?’ Now the inner sarcasm in me would automatically love to respond, “Well I am human.” Nonetheless I am Latina. I am a blue-eyed, white skinned Latina, with kinky light brown hair, and proudly curvy. However no matter how well I speak Spanish or how well I can dance salsa, I just don’t look Latina enough to society.

This has always made me wonder,  well what does a Latina look like. Truth is there is no one way to look Latina and I think it’s time for society to understand that.  Most importantly I think it’s time for Latinos to understand that as well. I fully acknowledge that as a Latina I come from a mixture of Indigenous, European and African backgrounds. Which means there are many many different traits and features to inherit, thus making it impossible to have one specific look. Quite frankly I love the fact that as Latinos we all look very different. It makes us unique and allows us to be able to love many different types of beauty. It is time for people to accept there is no right or wrong way to look Latina. The pride I have for my culture goes beyond my curves and hair type. Being Latina is in my sangre and it courses though my veins. It should not be measured by the length of my hair, the fullness of my hips, or the color of my skin. Other than try to categorize what a Latina is supposed to look like, we should embrace and celebrate our diverse make up. So next time you tell someone they “don’t look Latina,” remember that Latinos come in all beautiful, shapes, sizes and colors.

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