The Millennial Latina


Four years ago I opened a bright book called, The New Latina Bible by Sandra Guzman. As I turned page after page I remember thinking to myself, “Por fin! Someone who understands my struggles.” It was not until college that I was fully able to understand my identity as this new millennial Latina. Growing up as a first generation Latina in NYC, it was very easy to see the differing factors in comparison to some of my mother’s views. Of course growing up in a Latino household I always respected mami’s rules and traditions. However as a very independent, strong-minded Latina I realized as I grew up some of my views differed from my mothers. Who is this new Latina you might ask? The new Latina is a woman who continues to uphold her family traditions but has evolved some of those traditions and is starting some of her own.

Many of us are first generation college graduates, thanks to mami and papi’s sacrifices. The modern day Latina has strong opinions on topics such as birth control whose very catholic mothers may have a heart attack at the thought. The modern day Latina isn’t rushing into marriage and kids anytime soon, and instead is focused on building her career. The truth of the matter is there is a new generation of Latinas and we’re ready to take over. According to Geoscape, in 2015 close to one million Latinos will be turning 18 in the U.S, which means more Latinas will be voting, attending colleges and transitioning into strong, independent women. Although the millennial Latina will continue to evolve one thing is for certain, no matter where life takes us the new Latina always holds her culture near and dear to her heart.


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