Disney’s Latina princess will be no damsel in distress


(Courtesy of Disney)

At a quick glance you would think, “Hey, Princess Jasmine has a new outfit.” However this new Disney princesa won’t be riding any magic carpets. Por fin, Disney has debuted their first Latina princess. Princess Elena will make her debut to the world on Disney’s show, Sofia the First, however Sofia has no Latino roots according to Disney. 

Although there has been much critique over Elena’s appearance which is very similar to Disney princess Jasmine, I’ll cut Disney some slack. Being a fair skin Latina with blue eyes, and “kinky hair,” I understand how different we are. Latinas come in so many different beautiful shapes, sizes, and colors, it can be hard to choose just one look to represent us.

Elena will be a strong willed and compassionate Latina teenager, who doesn’t need to rely on any prince.I must say I’m slightly disappointed at the fact that Disney’s first Latina princess will be making her big debut on a TV show.  But movie or not I am excited that finally young Latina girls will have a princess they can relate to. This princesa will teach young Latinas to be strong, independent, and most importantly not to wait around for a boy to save them. Princess Elena I shall be rooting for you !

2 thoughts on “Disney’s Latina princess will be no damsel in distress

  1. itsMG says:

    It’s also pretty cool that she will be voiced by Aimee Carrera, Dominican-born actress. =)

    I’m interested in what you think about Disney not specifying her as Latina, but instead “inspired by diverse Latin cultures and folklore.” Do you think we, Latinos, will be adequately represented?


    • Chantel Morel says:

      Thanks for your comment Maddie, I’m interested in this as well. I wonder if by “diverse latin cultures” , they will try to incorporate many different Latino traditions and views. We will have to watch and see exactly what the representation of Latino culture will be on the show. I’m also really praying to not see many stereotypes, but a representation of genuine culture.

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